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Lars Johanson (born and educated in Sweden), earned his undergraduate and doctoral degree in Turkic Studies at the University of Uppsala. For many years he was Professor of Turcology at the Department of Oriental Studies of the University of Mainz. Currently, he is Emeritus Professor at the University of Mainz and a Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University. Lars Johanson has been instrumental in transforming the field of Turcology, which was traditionally more philologically oriented, into a linguistic discipline. Apart from his contributions to Turcology, Lars Johanson made a number of pioneering contributions to general linguistics and language typology, in particular to the typology of tense/viewpoint-aspect systems and the theory of language contact. Lars Johanson is the editor of the journal Turkic Languages (Harrassowitz) and of the monograph series Turcologica (Harrassowitz).


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